Eloquent is a New Paradigm for Mobile Text Editing


Editing text on mobile is cumbersome.

If people make a mistake, they would rather delete a word than attempt to edit it. This is why I was so interested in Eloquent’s solution as it addresses the problem directly. Watch the intro video here.

It improves the current text editing experience in three ways:

  • There is a permanently visible affordance (button) to indicate where the user can tap to move it. It is the dark, pale blue droplet below the cursor in the image above. The cursor instantly jumps to wherever the user taps on the block of text. 
  • The cursor and magnifier are visually unified to simplify targeting the right word or letter. 
  • You can select a word by dragging, then pausing, then pressing harder. No more double tapping, and fewer instances of the formatting menu popping out.

If an Apple engineer reads this blog, please consider trying some of these interactions.

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