Sundry: Antibiotic resistance, Estonia, metro logos, the next dot com bubble, Jamaican sprinters


Why are Jamaicans the fastest runners in the world? Is it genes? What if it’s social factors: pre-existing role models; national competitions that foster excellence; the Jamaican diet, among other things —

In some countries and contexts, antibiotic drug resistance is due to crop irrigation, not bad prescriptions or patient behaviour —

More on building Estonia as a digital nation —

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness… so begins Ginsberg’s masterpiece, Howl. The same can be thought of the people running two of the biggest ad businesses in the world namely Facebook and Google. Did we ever stop and ask ourselves whether online ads were really more effective—because they can now be measured—than ads from the Mad Men era? Are the best minds of our generation creating lasting value? Jessie Frederik and Maurits Martijn wrote a piece about that for The Correspondent and it is fascinating. They call it the next dot com bubble —

Metro logos of the world —

What is free speech in the Big Tech era? Remember when Facebook decided not to fact-check politicians who made ads on their products, to the dismay of most liberal media/people? Ben Thompson, of Stratechery, says that free speech is merely the idea that the government can’t arrest you for what you say. He writes: “Frankly, I find it deeply concerning that I might have any trepidation in writing that Facebook made the right decision. The unquestioned assumption of the media world in which I live is that Facebook is uniquely guilty of all manners of crimes, first and foremost the election of one Donald Trump as president. Never mind the questionable campaign choices of his opponent, or the unrelenting focus on emails by the mainstream media (emails in general being the far more impactful Russian intelligence operation).” —

Martin Scorsese, on the difference between movies and cinema —

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