iOS Design Rules to Break

Some things we all do apparently fail usability tests conducted by the NN Group. The arguments are indeed quite convincing. 

It seems like we managed to reveal a glimmer of self-awareness in robots. 

Here’s Quartz on the matter: 

Bringsjord programmed three robots to think that two of them had been given a special “dumbing pill” that would not allow them to speak. Their task was to identify which robots received the pill. When the Nao robot on the right tried to speak, it heard its voice, and its voice alone. That’s when it waved its hand and said: “I know now. I was able to prove that I was not given a dumbing pill.


A Watch OS idea

Consider this.

Jane has an Apple Watch, she travels often and has a weather complication on her Watch Face. Jane took a plane from New-York to London. She just landed in London. 

Her watch changes the time automatically.

However, Jane has to go to her Apple Watch app on her iPhone and change the weather manually. 

This is cumbersome. 

Apple Watch should have a setting which would allow automatic detection and change of the weather complication based on the user’s current location.

(Not the biggest experience problem of the Apple Watch? It’s all about the details, man.)