Hi, I’m Ulysse and I’m a UX designer.

For the past 10 years, I have been curious about design and technology.

I wrote a blog and gave talks about it. I designed and launched iOS apps. I collaborated with amazing brands to create simple, functional and beautiful experiences for their products and services.

What I do well

Most of the time, I have acted as the interface (pun intended) between the client, the developers and the graphic designers — I firmly believe the UX is the all-binding glue.

I’m best when it comes to strategy, information architecture, interaction design, usability, ergonomics and prototyping. I try and make the experience the most intuitive possible. I see design as problem-solving. I shall leave the visual aspect to my more talented friends.

Mini-portfolio & contact

Check out a limited sample of interfaces I have designed for clients or personal projects. Let me know what you’re into and I’ll send more relevant references! For any queries, contact me: [email protected]

Software products

Here is a reverse chronological timeline of all software products I have worked on since 2011 for both clients and myself.

Wingzy — web app (in construction) · client (2018) · design · discover and contact the people you work with thanks to a fast and liberating search engine

Poilâne website · client (2017) · design, PM · an ecommerce website for a world-renowned company that makes and sells high-end bread around the globe. I believe this is the only custom-designed Odoo ecommerce website. Please email me if you find another one!

Auloweb app · client (2017) · design · chat about anything (DIY/beauty/video games) with an influencer for a paid video session. Incubated at Up by M6

Le Colloque des Cèdreswebsite · client (2017) · design · an informative website for a May 2017 event that took place in Beirut. No hambuger menu.

Maison Rabih Kayrouzwebsite · client (2016) · design · a simple website showcasing the fashion house’s recent collections. Designed a custom responsive grid.

Tohum Foundation — website · client (2016) · design · a project to help Syrian women in Izmir lead a better life by selling their crafts(wo)manship

Qumblr — web app · self-started (2016) · product, design · search Tumblr images in a nicer interface 

Emercall — iOS app · self-started (2016) · product, design · get emergency services phone information wherever you are in the world

All the above products have been built with my partners in Kuma Studio, an experimental UX design consulting studio based in Paris that has now been discontinued. I thank Thomas Chekaiban, Axel Kerbec & Walid Khoury for their essential energy, creativity and patience.

Foound — iOS app · client (2015-2016) · lead designer · search for restaurants around you (reviews from multiple sources, distance, amenities, etc.) · in-depth / more info

Loop — iOS app · self-started (2014-2015) · cofounder, product, design · create private photo albums with people through the contact list (platform-agnostic, like WhatsApp) · in-depth / more info

BetBuddies — iOS app · self-started (2014) · cofounder, product, design · create private betting groups with friends for the 2014 World Cup

Columize — iOS app · self-started (2011-2016) · cofounder, product, design · a network of linkblogs where people could post links from the iOS share sheet (with AMP support!) · similar to micro.blog, a project I wholeheartedly support · in-depth / more info