The Case For Holographic Concerts


I was in Las Vegas last week and managed to see two Cirque du Soleil shows. My favorite part of both shows was actually quite similar. And I suspect we’re going to see a lot more of it in the future.

In The Beatles show (more about that here), things kicked off with giant silhouettes of the band playing one of their songs. This was topped in the Michael Jackson show by a hologram of the artist performing “with” the Cirque artists.

One was great. The other was spectacular.

This begs the question: why don’t we see more of this? That is, live performances of music where holograms (or at least silhouettes) stand in for the missing performers?

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How good is air safety?

How good is air safety?

I look at myself as an artist if anything,” Mr. Jobs said. “Sort of a trapeze artist.

In 1983, Steven Levy interviewed Steve Jobs for hours about his recent breakup and the birth of the Mac.

At some point, Levy asked Jobs what he saw himself as. To which Jobs replied “Sort of a trapeze artist”.

It’s funny that no one noticed this is the exact one liner Bob Dylan used while interviewed in Austin in 1966:

Reporter: What do you consider yourself? How would you classify yourself?

Bob Dylan: Well, I like to think of myself in terms of a trapeze artist.

Now, now, Steve, everyone is going to call you a thief again. 

Here’s How People Are Using The Jelly App

Here’s How People Are Using The Jelly App

Rethinking the airline boarding pass. Peter Smart redesigns the boarding pass with a focus on hierarchy and legibility. Impressive.